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In 2012, based on research investment projects, the acquisition of a 1 MV AMS Tandetron system was funded within the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH). This system was built, installed and commissioned by High Voltage Engineering Europe (HVE) and is the only AMS installation in Romania. The figure below shows the entire installation, which is comprised, from left to right, of the following subassemblies:

• two negative ion sources (each of them hosting a 50 samples carousel)
• a low energy magnetic dipole
• 1 MV tandem acceleration system (with TandetronTM high voltage generator)
• a magnetic dipole and a high energy electrostatic analyzer
• electrically charged particle detection system based on a multi-anode ionization chamber

More details on the 1 MV Tandetron webpage

The main components of the 1 MV Tandetron


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