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Support for the users through the EUROLABS project

EURO-LABS is a project financed by the European Commission that brings together numerous European research institutes and universities involved in research in the field of nuclear and elementary particle physics
A significant part of the project is dedicated to the support of users accessing certain research facilities operated by the participating institutes. IFIN-HH participates in the EURO-LABS project with the three accelerators: the 9-MV, the 3-MV and the 1-MV Tandem accelerators.
The procedure and rules for supporting the external users that perform experiments are specific to each institute as they have to obey the reimbursement rules from each host country. However, some common rules apply for all participants:

  1. In order to be supported, the experiment has to be accepted by the PAC and the majority of the proponents have to come from a foreign country
  2. Each institute has a User Selection Panel (USP) deciding which experiment is supported and how many users from that experiment are supported.
  3. For more details regarding the eligibility criteria and the obligations of the users please check the website of the project:
The IFIN-HH User Selection Panel is composed of:
  • Dr. Constantin Mihai, IFIN-HH, Romania
  • Dr. Philippe Dessagne, Universit√© de Strasbourg, CNRS, France
  • Prof. Dr. Peter G. Thirolf, Department f. Physik der LMU, Germany
In practical terms, the procedure to obtain the user support for experiments performed in IFIN-HH is the following:
  • Once the experiment is approved by the PAC, the spokesperson sends a request to the head of the local selection panel, Dr. Constantin MIHAI ( Please use the dedicated forms:
    o TA Application Form [ .DOCM Form ] [ .PDF Form ]
    o User Funding Application Form [ .XLSX ] (please fill the details for all the participants to the experiment, not only the ones requesting support)
    Please contact the facility coordinator with any questions you have about this step.
  • Following the discussions in the selection panel a decision will be made regarding the users to be supported.
  • IFIN-HH will cover the expenses for the supported users according to the national legislation:
    • Travel: a plane ticket will be bought by IFIN-HH according to the request of the user
    • Accommodation: In order to support more users, we strongly encourage the applicants to opt for accommodation in the guesthouses of IFIN-HH. Alternatively, the hotel either will be paid directly by the institute or the user will be reimbursed within the maximum amount provided is 230 RON/night.
    • Daily allowance: a daily allowance of 20 RON/day is available upon request
The contact person in charge with the travel and accommodation arrangements is Ms. Roxana VALICA (

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